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Reward Package Details

Bronze Package

  • Share
  • Duration
    30 Days
  • Points

Silver Package

  • Share
    FB + IG
  • Duration
    30 Days
  • Points

Gold Package

  • Share
    FB + IG + TikTok
  • Duration
    30 Days
  • Points

Platinum Pack

  • Share
    G+100 Referrals
  • Duration
    30 Days
  • Points

To Do List For Customer

You Must Follow the below mentioned Steps In order to qualify to Cashback or Discount!

Sign Up & Create an Account

The customer need to sign up and create account on the website.

Share Your Social Media Links

The customer will send his/her social media accounts through our contact email with his chosen package. Email us at!

Receive an Instructional Email

The customer will receive a confirmation email from us with the Required instructions.

Review Action

After You finish Your period (30 days) our team will conduct review of your accounts and once we confirm that you've fulfilled the requirements You will receive the points on your account on our website within 72 hours.

Share Your PayPal or Bank Account Detail

Please Provide us your PayPal or Bank account details to withdraw the points.

Reward Journey & Cash Back

Use this Table to know an eligible reward & Cash Back

Rewarding Journey

  • 500 - 700 Points
    10% for 20 products < 50$ of your choice OR $20 CB
  • 701 - 1000 Points
    25% for 20 products < $50 of your choice OR $35 CB
  • 1001 - 2000 Points
    40% for 20 products < $50 of your choice OR $40 CB
  • 2001 - 4000 Points
    50% in total purchases for 3 times + $50
  • 4001 - 6000 Points
    60% Off for 3 times + $50 + free product < $50 of your choice.
  • 6001- 8000 Points
    70% Off for 3 Times + $100 + free product < 100$
  • 8001 - 10,000 Points
    80% for 6 times+ 200$ + 3 products <100$ or 6 products < $50
  • 10,001 - 20,000 Points
    100$/M for 1yr Or One Products < $100/M for free for 1 year

Important T & C

For Money Back & Social Bounce Round
Discount & Cashback duration

The discount for the mentioned Packages will be available for 1 year if you request to take the bounce (from the date you will deliver the bounce) to make the purchases and use our bounce after one year you don't have the right to take it but you will keep the points credit to be used for next round.

Discount & Cash Back

The products will be chosen for Rounds (1-9) will count the discount percentages from the original prices (without discount or any offers on these products).

Free Product Qualification

The free products should be counted based on the original price of the products not included any discount or offers.

Active Social Media Account

The social media accounts should be activated and real accounts.

Real Social Media Account

The accounts should be containing more than real 100 friends or real (organic) followers.

Social Media

The posts should be daily basis and shouldn't be repeated. All the post content should be from our content and same quality.

Social Media

Any post will be deleted will not be counted and every customer have two chances only to do not post as required or missing posts monthly. The post will be counted even if it reposted from another friend or to be reshared from others, once the customer post it on his account it will be counted.

Social Media

The posts should be taken from our sources (websites, Facebook page, Instagram account and Tiktok account).

No Violation Please

Any violation or circumvention of the instructions will cancel the membership and the member will not receive any of the foregoing.