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Should i share products from the website directly?

You can share from any source you want Website, Facebook, Instagram or even from a friend of you but it should be mainly from our content.

What if i miss to post one day do i loss the bounce?

Every one of our partners have a chances not only one but twice monthly to don't post or miss it.

Should i replace my points once i finish the round ?

You have one year to take your round's bounce for one time only but don't worry about the points because we will keep your accumulated points in your credit so you can add more and get more bounce.

Do you mean if i got the bounce for first round i can use the same points to reach second round and get the bounce of it?

Yes 100% every round you will reach you have the right to take the bounce for one time within 1 year, not only this you also will keep your points on your credit so you can add more without losing the accumulated points.

What i will get if i cross the 10,000 points ?

Any one will cross 10,000 Points will receive 100$ monthly for 1 year or choose any product less than 100$ monthly for free for 1 year and he will keep the points in his credit as mentioned in the T&C. (Note :As mentioned he will take the bounce one time only that's means he will receive $100 for only 1 year or 12months not every year of 10 years he have to cross the next round).

if i got 5000 points first year, do i will keep my 5000 points from the first year to next year or i will lose it?

you will keep all the points for 10 years and will take all the rounds bounce as long as you didn't break the rules or make any violation.

If i lose one month to get the bounce that means i will not be able to be a membership in this program again?

If you lose one month or more you will lose the points of previous month/months depends on the number of missed months and you can complete the program.

Regarding the golden package, how will you know if the customers from my side or not ?

Every member will have a code if the customer use this code will be counted under your code.

If i collect less than 100 customers within a month do i will lose the credit of them to get the golden package points?

Every member will count less than the 100 customers within the month he will not take the points of golden package points but he will have 3 consecutive months to reach 100 customers then we will count the golden package points for him for 1 month from the 3 consecutive months only every 100 customers and the rest months will count it as premier package.