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Above Keyboard Dressing

Above Keyboard Dressing

Oct 01, 2020

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Switching from working at an office to working from home is a pretty big change. However, the biggest difference is definitely in your wardrobe. Does it even matter what you wear to your “Home Office”? On the surface, it seems like the answer should be a vehement “No”, though online meetings call for a fine impression. You want to look neat and presentable but that doesn't mean you have to give up all the comforts of being at home. 

To strike a balance between coziness and professionalism at home, wearing a formal shirt/blouse while still in your comfy shorts/sweatpants/skirts offers the perfect hack! The idea of wearing formals or business casuals only from the waist-up for your Zoom/Skype meetings is an exciting one and it might even help make you feel a bit more relaxed while working. Have fresh blazers and flattering accessories, such as scarves and statement earrings, to complement the look!

To conclude, #AboveKeyboardDressing is exciting and comforting, and allows you to be more creative and productive than you think! So slip into a crisp shirt, a pair of comfy bottoms, and lie down on your couch to get on with your stay-at-home days ahead! Do let us know how you like to dress up while working from home!